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The journey of a thousand miles begins with your very first step.  In your journey to become a licensee, your very first step is to take our course to become licensed!

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  • Pre-Licensing Class

    Ready to try something new in 2015? Take our Alaska Real Estate Commission approved 40 hour pre-licensing class!

    Are you a hands-on learner? 

    We offer a full 40 hours of live in-class instruction!

    Are you only able to commit to 20 hours of classroom time?  

    No problem! We have the option of giving you 20 hours of live instruction and 20 hours of correspondence!

    Would you rather learn the material entirely at your own pace? 

    Take our pre-licensing class 100% by correspondence! We have an option for everyone!

    All classes backed by the Jack White Guarantee! repeat the classes as many times as you need to feel prepared within a one-year period of registration.

    Cost: $395


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    "When I first began to consider a career in real estate, I looked at a number of different schools in town… Teresa was the only one who had the professionalism to call me personally and take the time to answer all of my questions about real estate, how to get through pre-licensing, and what I would do after I got my license."  

    ~Daniel Lackey, Anchorage, AK

    "Teresa is one of the most amazing trainers I have ever known, she is not only a trainer but a mentor and friend! Once your pre-licensing class is over her mentoring does not stop, that is when it absolutely kicks in full force. I actually took my pre-licensing class somewhere else and did not feel that I receive adequate information and was struggling with all the material and so that is when I searched other schools that taught pre-licensing and found Teresa, best search I ever did! Teresa was so welcoming, extremely helpful, and immediately I could tell she was truly dedicated to my success. I sat through Teresa’s class and passed my exam on the FIRST try!! I cannot THANK Teresa enough for all of her help, she is truly amazing and I would not be on the road to success without her guidance and for that I am forever indebted."

    ~Melanie Jones, Anchorage, AK

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